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To connect to your website via FTP to upload/download files, you will need an FTP Client. Popular FTP Clients are Cute FTP and LeechFTP.

Your homepage should be named index.html or index.shtml. This is the page that will show when someone visits http://www.yoursite.com. Follow the instructions below to learn how to upload your file.

Run your FTP client

Click the connect button.

Enter yoursite.com as the server name.

Enter FTP port, 47926 (SFTP)

Use the user name and password provided in your welcome email in the username and password fields.


Open up the public_html directory.

Delete the file in there called index.html

Upload your index.html file and any other files you need to upload.

Disconnect and close the FTP client.

Point your browser to http://www.yoursite.com and view your brand new website
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