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  1. Dave

    Forum Conversion Completed

    We have now completed our forum conversion. Any problems, then please either PM me or post in the Forum & Website Feedback forum.
  2. Dave

    CleanTalk - Review

    About CleanTalk CleanTalk is a SaaS Spam Protection Service for websites. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the website visitors. Connecting to the service eliminates any needs of CAPTCHA, questions and answers, and other methods of protection that complicate the exchange...
  3. Dave

    New Hosting Packages

    We have reviewed our hosting packages and decided to revamp them. New hosting packages are: Bronze: 1GB Webspace, 5GB Bandwidth, 5 mySQL Databases, 5 Email Accounts, 5 FTP Accounts, & 5 Subdomains Silver: 2GB Webspace, 10GB Bandwidth, 10 mySQL Databases, 10 Email Accounts, 10 FTP Accounts, &...
  4. Dave

    New Look Site Launched

    We have launched our new look site for D&S Hosting today. Site now works fully in all browsers and in PDA/mobile browsers. Two new hosting packages will be launching on September 1st 2006. Many thanks to Ben Millard for the site redesign.
  5. Dave

    What is Data Transfer / Bandwidth?

    Data Transfer is the amount of data (in MB) that your website can transfer per month. So if you host a 10MB file download and 10 people downloaded it. You would have used 100Mb of your monthly transfer allowance. For HTML pages you can get thousands of hits and only use a slight amount of bandwidth.
  6. Dave

    What is propagation?

    Merriam-Webster defines propagation as: the act or action of propagating : as a : increase (as of a kind of organism) in numbers b : the spreading of something (as a belief) abroad or into new regions c : enlargement or extension (as of a crack) in a solid body For our purposes, definition B...
  7. Dave

    What is an IPS tag? / What is your IPS tag?

    What is an IPS tag? An IPS tag is the label that applies to any Registrar that registers .UK domains. While there’s no Auth/EPP code for these domains, an IPS tag change is required to transfer .UK domain names from one Registrar to another. What is your IPS tag? All domains are registered...
  8. Dave

    Transferring a domain to D&S Hosting

    All hosting accounts use the same DNS servers (also known as "nameservers"). If you need to point your account domain name (or a domain pointer) to our DNS servers, they are as follows: Primary Nameserver: ( Secondary Nameserver:
  9. Dave

    How do I log into my control panel?

    To log into your domain's control panel, go to;
  10. Dave

    How long does it take to activate my account?

    Account activations should take no longer than 5 minutes :) As you see no need to wait for a couple of hours, we can create your account after payment and your account will be activated.
  11. Dave

    How do I change my email password without using CP

    You or your users can change their email password without logging into cPanel by going to;
  12. Dave

    What kinds of databases can I use with my account?

    The only database type we support is MySQL, mainly used together with the PHP coding language. For more information, head over to
  13. Dave

    What are the nameservers ?

    The nameservers are... Primary Nameserver: ( Secondary Nameserver: (
  14. Dave


    To connect to your website via FTP to upload/download files, you will need an FTP Client. Popular FTP Clients are Cute FTP and LeechFTP. Your homepage should be named index.html or index.shtml. This is the page that will show when someone visits Follow the instructions...
  15. Dave

    E-mail setting & Webmail

    Setting up E-Mail with an email client For a tutorial on setting up e-mail in your client, select which client you use: Outlook Express , Outlook , Eudora. You can download an automatic configuration file from CPanel email settings page or you can do it manually with the following mail...
  16. Dave

    Where can I find documentation for cPanel?

    cPanel documentation can be found at;